DOM Security: A Modular Sitecore Framework

"For DOM Security, everyone & everything of value should be kept secure, without compromise." This is how Erik Mastenbroek, Group Marketing Director, characterizes the philosophy of the company, which is an expert in developing and selling the highest quality locking technology and access solutions. The product range ranges from standard cylinder locks for homes to the most modern electronic access control systems for large buildings. The company is represented throughout Europe with more than twenty sales and service offices and more than ten production sites. All products find their way to the end customer via a European professional network of more than 8000 partners, who add value to the total solution.


DOM Security launched this site in 2016. A large number of country websites followed in 2017, all of which have the same look and feel and thus contribute to recognizability among end-users and partners. In addition, DOM Security and Blastic were able to benefit from Sitecore’s modular approach, which provides for the reuse of existing building blocks for new country websites.

An important feature of the new websites is the possibility to personalize to different audiences such as homeowner, building manager, producer, architect, construction company or the partner network of key specialists and wholesalers for the construction and industry. All this for a better customer journey. According to Mastenbroek, Sitecore has proven to be a true platform for targeted marketing actions through social platforms. DOM Security, for example, reached more than 80,000 people via a Facebook test campaign fora consumer fair, of which more than 7000 came to a special landing page.

Mastenbroek: "This type of action would not have been possible without the Sitecore platform. We were able to follow everyone very well throughout the customer journey. This test provided valuable information for the future. Thanks to Sitecore and Blastic, the threshold to innovate in marketing is much lower. Digital marketing is now really on the agenda."

The switch to the Sitecore platform has led to a new perspective on marketing at DOM Security, according to Mastenbroek. "We are traditionally a company that designs and produces security hardware and software. The focus was mainly on those products. Thanks to Sitecore, the threshold to innovate in marketing is much lower. Digital marketing is now really on the agenda. Content is easy to create and distribute without the need for developers."

Now that the foundations have been laid and all countries will have switched to the new platform in the near future, Mastenbroek is already looking ahead to the next steps.

"One of these steps is to integrate Sitecore with the Agility Multichannel (PIM) Product Information Management system. This creates new opportunities to provide consistent and up-to-date content not only on our own sites, but also on those of our resellers, for example by providing them with microsites containing our products. Thanks to a link like this, we only need to enter information once and all content is always one hundred percent current. That is an important advantage."

The experiences of Mastenbroek and his team have not gone unnoticed within DOM Security and parent company SFPI Group. Various branches such as NEU (air movement technologies), Omnitech Security and DÉNY Security have looked with great interest at what has been built up in terms of web presence by DOM Security and have now also chosen the Sitecore platform themselves. "Once again, thanks to Sitecore’s modular approach, they will be able to benefit from our pioneering work in the future," says Mastenbroek.

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