Novy: a rich history and more than 110 years of experience

Novy is the specialist in cooker hoods, also offering premium induction hobs, worktop extractors and designer lighting. Craftsmanship and innovation are the main drivers for this Belgian company, and they set the highest requirements from the start regarding design, ease of use, sustainability and silence.

Today, Novy has grown into a leading European brand in kitchen ventilation, and it has created an innovative range of products offering solutions for every type of kitchen. Next to having subsidiaries in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, Novy also works with distributors in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel and Scandinavia. Since 2021 Novy is part of The Middleby Corporation, located in the United States.

The Challenge

In 2021, Novy was on the lookout for a new technology partner to maintain their Umbraco website. And they gladly decided to partner up with Blastic.

Since Novy is known for their remarkable quality, craftsmanship and innovation, their products are available all over Europe. Meaning, the website is accessible in an array of different countries and languages.

At the start of our partnership, the Novy website was running on Umbraco 7. After the takeover period we decided to do a full upgrade of the Umbraco Platform, from Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 9, keeping all features and existing content intact.

One important step to execute this upgrade successfully, was refactoring and changing the code from a MVC application to .NET Core.

Since the upgrade to Umbraco 9, Blastic oversees website maintenance. We make sure the Novy website is up and running at all times, new product pages are created to support product launches and we support wherever we can. Every 2 weeks during our sprint planning meeting, we discuss the submitted tickets and decide and agree which tickets will be handled in the next sprint. This ensures open communication and transparency in our work.

Next to website maintenance, we also assist Novy in other website-related projects.

Novy wants to move towards a paperless future. By putting a QR code on Novy’s products, we managed to cut out the elaborate printed manuals. When purchasing a product, customers can scan the QR code on the packaging. This QR code leads to a webpage where they register their Novy device, look up the product manuals and check out videos for their specific appliance.

The future holds innovation

For Novy, innovation is key. And that’s vital in this day and age, since the way we use and design kitchens is constantly changing. Moreover, the way customers use the website is also an ever-evolving process. Resulting in more features which ultimately lead to improved customer interactions.

Check out the Novy website (and Novy’s innovative products) here.

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