Xerius: Use the full Sitecore Experience Platform

Xerius: Use the full Sitecore Experience Platform

Xerius lets entrepreneurs focus 100% on what matters to them.

Surrounded by a network of professionals, Xerius supports the start-up, change and termination of a company.

The company also provides support and advice to the self-employed in the areas of social security, social insurances, and entrepreneurship.

Xerius takes on this task from 12 offices for more than 210,000 self-employed persons and 95,000 companies.

Xerius, a trusted advisor

The goal for Xerius is to create awareness and consideration for starting self-employed customers, as trusted advisor to guide them in their entrepreneurship. They have the option to directly consult Xerius, and an additional important channel for Xerius is the accountants that guide them in becoming entrepreneur. This means that the platform does not only have KPIs on direct channels to Xerius but also have KPIs in terms of helping accountants servicing their clients.

Because the journey to become an entrepreneur is different for every individual, the platform needs to be able to give relevant information for the context that the visitor is in. This is where the Sitecore Experience Platform comes in.

Sitecore is the platform with two websites – one for the Xerius website another one as portal website for accountants and partners that guide people in becoming an entrepreneur. This way, both audiences can be targeted.

By using Sitecore Forms and Marketing Automation, Xerius can nurture the visitor to the next goal in the Engagement Value Pyramid by offering the right personalized experience.  Xerius offers tools that are built outside of Sitecore, and we track behavior in those tools via the Universal Tracker.

This enables Xerius to offer the customers the same experience and consultative content as they are used to in a physical world: by analyzing the visitor’s navigation behavior and research behavior we can offer them the right content to decide in their journey to become an entrepreneur.

Once a contact has become client, Xerius can upsell insurance and social security products by using the marketing automation functionalities to offer them personalized solutions, based on data in the Experience Database that’s enriched with explicit data from the Xerius backend systems.

Using the full Sitecore Experience Platform stack

The initial setup of Xerius.be is done in 2018 by another Sitecore partner. We became the Sitecore partner for Xerius in 2020. Within a multi-year roadmap, the platform has grown in multiple phases.

We have implemented an additional website for the audience of accountants, invested in the enrichment of the Experience Database with explicit data from the backend systems, applying personalization techniques, implementing EXM elements and configuring marketing automation flows.

The platform continuously evolves in a broad roadmap together with Xerius’ vision to become more and more a digital guide for their clients.

Xerius wants to trigger starting entrepreneurs and guide them in starting their company. To formally start a company, Xerius has a tool with a wizard.

Xerius noticed a big abandonment rate in this wizard, because some of the visitors were not yet fully informed about all aspects of starting a company. The challenge is to inform visitors and evaluate if they’re qualified enough to start a company or still need more information.

Once a visitor has become a client, Xerius can offer them automatically additional insurance products. Xerius wanted to automate this process as well.

By using the full potential of Sitecore’s Experience Platform, Xerius can set up personalized experiences with the right content at the right moment based on the context the visitor is in. We set up predictive profiling based on the phase in the journey to become entrepreneur and personalization rules to personalize content based on content interest and gaps in the process to start a company.

This enables Xerius to offer the consultative content, qualify if the visitor is ready to start a company and nurture them to the tool to formally create a company.

When a visitor has become a client, by using Marketing Automation, Xerius can nurture the visitor to the signing up for additional services and insurances by offering the right personalized content via email based on explicit data that’s being synched to the Experience Database.

In this tool the abandonment rate has dropped as the personalized approach qualifies visitors better before going to the tool.

By automatically offering additional services and products, conversion rates increased.

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