NxtPort: Data sharing

NxtPort: Data sharing

Blastic implemented a website for NxtPort to give visitors access to an online data-platform to capture data from different levels in the supply chain of the port of Antwerp. The goal of the platform is to promote data sharing between port companies.

About NxtPort

NxtPort's main goal is to unlock the potential of sharing existing data amongst the port's players. The NxtPort Data Utility Platform will allow for faster, more cost-effective as well as more efficient transfers of data between the different players. The platform will also allow for more transparency in the complete shipping process.

Scrum Based Development

To achieve a successful project, Blastic composed a scrum team with an analyst, a Sitecore developer, a front-end developer and a project manager. During the first of three sprints, the scope of the new website was determined in cooperation with the customer. For the development of the design and wireframes Blastic cooperated with Monkeyshot. Meanwhile the Blastic analyst translated the business requirements of the customer into a functional and technical analysis.

After finishing the analysis and the installation of the Sitecore platform, Blastic switched to sprint two and three to conduct the actual development of the NxtPort website. After the launch, Blastic continues to assist the customer further with the continuous development of the digital platform.

Tight deadline

NxtPort wanted to present its new website at the company's launch event. Consequently, there was a great time pressure on the Blastic team to get this online platform ready on time. In the span of five to six weeks an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) was delivered with the most essential components for the NxtPort website.

Community for Port companies

The present NxtPort website is currently being used as a Content Management System (CMS), but other components such as user journey tracking and an e-mail platform will be added over time in order to reach the target group better. With this additional customer data, the platform will show the right content to the right users depending on his or her interests.

The vision of NxtPort is to eventually create an online community for the port of Antwerp. This would seriously promote the interaction between port companies on the one hand and their customers, partners and stakeholders on the other hand. At the moment this evolution is discussed further with the Blastic development team.


  • Digital marketing platform: Sitecore Experience Platform

  • Interfaces: HTML5, CSS3 Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility

  • Azure Application Gateway

  • Octopus Deploy

  • UX and UI in cooperation with Monkeyshot

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