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To improve the online presence and to simplify management, IPC (International Post Corporation) and Blastic initiated a project to build a new web platform. “Our existing environment was very outdated and from a technical point of view at the end of its life. It was time for a whole new approach,” says Andrew Anderson, online communication project manager at IPC.

IPC is the leading service provider for the global postal industry. The organization is a joint initiative of 23 postal companies from North America, Europe and Asia. More than 180 postal companies worldwide use IPC’s services, which range from market research and e-commerce solutions to supply chain integration tools and sharing best practices. The website which includes a MyIPC environment and a detailed overview of all services plays an important role in the services of the organization.


According to Anderson, the choice of Sitecore as the basis for a new web platform was quickly made. “Our existing website also ran on Sitecore to our satisfaction. The question was more about which version of Sitecore we were going to use for the new website: Sitecore 8 or 9? In consultation with Blastic, our choice was clear - Version 9. Sitecore offers us a very secure and powerful environment with all the tools we need to build a reliable online environment. Especially the potential to improve the user experience is huge. Our old system was very static and rigid. Information was hard to find. We wanted to get away from that.”


IPC and Blastic jointly developed a new platform that runs on Azure. Blastic implemented a new, contemporary design and a more flexible layout. An important objective for IPC was to increase the insight into the visitors. We want to be able to have more insight into who is visiting the website and what visitors are interested in. With the Experience Profile function and the built-in analytics capabilities, Sitecore offers excellent opportunities for this, which we will start using in phases. The goal is to map out the user journey properly, so that we can respond to it better.”

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