Renson: A new website focusing on the B2C audience’s needs guiding them to a solution

Renson specializes in ventilation, sun screens and outdoor solutions to create comfortable and healthy living and working environments. As their product range is broad, it is important to offer a search solution that enables customers to quickly find the right solution for each situation.


In a marketing strategy research study, Renson detected that their current website was too product focused. Participants of their research phase indicated that they value guidance to the right product(s) based on their needs.

That’s why we together with Renson created a new website based on the strategy to start from their audience’s needs as to guide people towards solutions, and how Renson products can be part of these solutions.

This was the baseline to create new UX Designs and implement a new website on Kentico Xperience 13 technology.

Guiding to the right solution

After an elaborate research phase, Renson wanted to get started and create a new B2C website with a new strategy based the insights of their strategy research.

Taking into account the pillars of the new strategy, Blastic iteratively guided Renson in the definition of what’s needed to implement this strategy with a new website.

Working from a content strategy and information architecture, UX elements were defined, and a backlog was created to create UX designs in sprints. In this iterative approach Renson was able to give feedback quickly, resulting in gradual deliverables to shape the new website. The result was a clickable prototype to present to all stakeholders of the project.

In parallel these deliverables were translated in a technical breakdown to be developed with reusable elements: The backlog with the elements to be implemented was defined.

Together with Blastic, Renson confirmed their choice for the Kentico Xperience platform as the all-in-one solution for a multi-site setup with analytics, personalization, and marketing automation possibilities.

A consistent look and feel and maximum flexibility

On the Kentico Xperience 13 platform, we setup new page templates and widgets with maximum flexibility allowing Renson to create pages with their own structure.

As Renson is active in multiple regions the website’s setup is compatible for a multi-region, multi-lingual content repository. This way Renson can take into account tone of voice and specific region related specifics when managing their content.

A user-friendly dealer locator guides the visitors to the most relevant dealer based on location and product category. This way the website transfers qualified leads to Renson’s dealer network, to give the visitors advice for the correct solution.

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