Renson - An advanced search function for the product catalog

Renson specializes in ventilation, sun screens and outdoor solutions to create comfortable and healthy living and working environments. As their product range is broad, it is important to offer a search solution that enables customers to quickly find the right solution for each situation.


The search for Renson's ventilation product range was in need of an update. Customers had to be able to identify the most suited grid by making use of extensive filtering options and technical calculations. For each product, all technical data (drawings, certificates,...) had to be consultable.

As soon as the best suitable solution is found, it must be possible to proceed to a price request or place an order on the Renson e-commerce platform.


Due to the technical and complex nature of the product and the search requirements, a functional analysis and wireframe workshop was organized to be able to get the UX right from the start.

Based on the outcome, the existing search function of Renson was adapted and extended: search indexes were restructured, the application rewritten in JavaScript, the integration with the PIM system reworked and additional data imported via excel.

"No speed limit on innovation" is Renson's motto. We also found this at our partner Blastic. They support us with their Kentico expertise in quickly realizing cutting edge modules (for example the Louvres Selector) on our website.

Koen Van Loo - Chief Information Officer at Renson


An advanced search solution!

Integrated in an existing website, custom built on top of existing code Deeply integrated with the PIM system and e-commerce order module Accessible through a simple interface despite the complexity and technicality of the domain.

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