Flexfurn sells stackable and foldable furniture to professionals. To strengthen their current position as one of the market leaders in Europe, Flexfurn wanted to bring the existing online sales channel to a higher level and appeal to a wider audience.

The challenge

Flexfurn's mission is to inspire customers and allow them to create magical moments by offering products that are not only aesthetic but also practical. These aspects had to be clearly reflected in the new shop.

Moreover, Flexfurn's product range expanded quite a bit in a short frame of time. The shop had to better highlight those different product categories and product lines. For the Xdesign product range, inspiration and experience were key while for the standard product range the focus was more on a smooth, practical search function. This led to the request to create two websites that could be managed from the same platform.

Finally, buying had to be a smooth process. Selling to professionals means that sufficient attention had to be paid to customization, personalized prices and a unique contact person. To reduce the pressure on the back office, there had to be a possibility for buyers to compile several product carts and save quotations (including transport costs) by themselves. For this, integration was needed with external systems to retrieve product information, images, customer data, price conditions, payment terms and order information.

The approach

During various workshops we went into more detail about the desired functionalities and the blueprint of the websites. The resulting wireframes were subsequently converted into designs that emphasized Flexfurn as a company and the character of their products. For this phase we worked together with UXMen. Thanks to their extensive experience in UX and design, both sites are not only apleasure for the eye, they also optimise the use of the visitor's attention to fulfill his needs as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to the technical analysis we got a better picture of the necessary integrations with among others, MS Dynamics and Mediahaven. The development of the websites took place in sprints and there were regular touchpoints with Flexfurn. We supported Flexfurn with their content planning throughout the development phase and we held an extensive training and test phase at the end of the development phase.

The result

Two user-friendly websites, each with their own identity but managed from the same platform. That platform also contains a wide range of marketing tools that further allow Flexfurn to convey the right message at the right time to their customers.

https://www.flexfurn.com & https://www.flexfurn.com/xdesign

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"Blastic supported us from start to finish with the development of our new website. The result is a beautiful and functional webshop that on the one hand inspires our professional customers and on the other offers a smooth sales experience. Compliments for their structured plan of approach and problem-solving thinking. Both before, during and after the entire development process."
Lennert Hoes - Digital Marketing Officer

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