By Blastic, 31 January 2020

Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals award: we won!

Blastic today announced that Koen Roos (Marketing Technologist), Koen Heye (Solution Architect) and Marek Musielak (Senior Sitecore Developer) have been named a "Most Valuable Professional (MVP)" by Sitecore®, the global leader in experience management software. Koen Roos was named Sitecore Ambassador MVP in 2018, 2019 and is re-awarded in 2020.

Koen Heye was named Sitecore Technical MVP in 2017, 2018, 2019 and is re-awarded in 2020.

Marek Musielak was named Sitecore Technical MVP in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and is re-awarded in 2020.

In total 154 Technology MVPs, 46 Strategy MVPs, 19 Commerce MVPs and 97 Ambassador MVPs worldwide to be named a Sitecore MVP this year.

Recognizing professionals within the Sitecore community who actively apply their talent and expertise to help others best utilize Sitecore products to deliver premier customer experiences, the MVP program is now in its 14th year. Of more than 13,000 certified developers and over 24,000 active community participants, the 316 MVPs are truly an elite group. This year’s MVPs were selected for the quality, quantity and impact of the contributions they made in 2019, including the sharing of product expertise and mastery of the Sitecore platform to support both partners and customers.

"This successive recognition of our MVPs demonstrates their contribution to the Sitecore community. Our Technology MVPs Koen and Marek bring a wealth of knowledge about Sitecore while our Ambassador MVP Koen’s experience with the Sitecore Experience Platform is proudly shared with the community." - Tom Hallaert, Managing Partner Blastic

“One of our greatest assets is the highly collaborative Sitecore community, where members share technical knowledge and insights across numerous channels and at events to help each other build greater digital experiences for their organizations and customers,” said Pieter Brinkman, Senior Director of Technical Marketing at Sitecore. “Sitecore MVPs stand out as leaders within the community for their passion and willingness to invest their own time with contributions ranging from educational blogs, videos, podcasts and speaking engagements to community engagement and support on social media and forums. They are an invaluable resource and important part of the Sitecore user experience, for which we are truly grateful.”

“Sitecore MVPs are always at the top of the list to get access to the latest developments and offerings from Sitecore, and we will rely on them heavily when we introduce the new Software as a Service offering later this year. I am looking forward to working on this together with this incredible group.” added Brinkman.

Sitecore’s SaaS offering will make it much easier and faster to build digital experiences, while maintaining the flexibility for Sitecore partners and customers to create differentiated experiences. Once a user is on Sitecore’s SaaS platform, they will always have the most current version of the product with the ease of automatic upgrades.

More information can be found about the MVP Program on the Sitecore MVP site:

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