Automated content creation in Sitecore using ChatGPT

In the last several years, artificial intelligence has developed significantly. Self-learning mechanisms can train themselves based on unlabeled data to become better and better in any field. ChatGPT has shown that it can go one step further: it can admit to mistakes and challenge incorrect premises.

With all that in mind, a new idea has been raised: why don't we help content authors and use ChatGPT to do some of their work.

Auto generate content

The initial idea was to create a new page and ask ChatGPT to write a good SEO meta title for that page, knowing the name of the page.

So, I wrote a Sitecore PowerShell script which simply sent a request to ChatGPT:
Create Meta Title for the page called "Mechanical Locks".

This is the response I received:
Mechanical Locks | Quality Durable Locks for Your Home & Business

Not bad, but our client’s name is missing. I tried again:
Website name is "DOM Security Belgium". Create Meta Title for the page called "Mechanical Locks".

And the response was:
"Mechanical Locks | Buy High-Security Mechanical Locks | DOM Security Belgium"

Better, but I wanted a bit of flexibility with the keywords used. Since you cannot buy the locks on the website, I don't want the word "buy" in the meta title. I adapted the request:
Website name is "DOM Security Belgium". Never use the words: "buy" and "shop". Create Meta Title for the page called "Mechanical Locks".

And finally, I received an answer I liked:
Secure Your Property with Mechanical Locks | DOM Security Belgium

I adapted the script and added some additional configuration, which allows me to easily control the request I sent to ChatGPT without any code modification:

Auto generated content setup

Now with just 1 click, I can generate selected fields for any new page and the whole process takes around 15 seconds. You can see the result in the video:

Does this mean content authors won't be necessary in the future? I don't think so. In my opinion, there is still that human touch that makes content written by a real person better. Even this blog post is written by me, not by ChatGPT.

Well, actually, the SEO Meta Title and the Meta Description are written by ChatGPT, so who knows what future brings.

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