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The year 2024 is already well underway. As always, the last months of the previous year and the start of the new year are characterized by roadmaps, budgeting, and gathering information about new trends. While every December and January are filled with a diverse array of articles about new inspiring developments and predictions for the coming year, the forecast for 2024 is more predictable and less inspiring than we are used to. However, this does not make this development any less interesting. Because after 2023, 2024 will also be dominated by the development of AI. At Blastic, we have had many questions about this in recent months. Therefore we would love to share some insights on this topics.

The development that AI underwent in 2023 was unpredictable by few. In recent history, marketing technology has undergone significant developments that have had a huge impact on our way of working. But none of these developments have been adopted and spread as quickly as the development of AI. AI touches and captivates all of us and will continue to develop further in 2024, playing an increasingly prominent role in the work of marketing and IT professionals.

Our technology partners can no longer ignore this development. Therefore, you see that almost all partners have the implementation of AI applications on the roadmap for 2024. What they all have in common is that concrete applications are still lacking, but what is clear is that this has a high priority with dedicated teams working on new applications. Concrete results are therefore still pending, but we expect to see the first cautious results in 2024, with which our customers can look forward to a significant boost in productivity and automation.

"But we are still doing too little with AI"

From the conversations we have had about the application of AI, it has become clear that almost everyone has experimented with the application of AI. This was accompanied in most cases by the words "But we are still doing too little with it." Therefore, we would like to start the new year with a positive thought: "Every application of AI is a gain in productivity and efficiency."

Many organizations feel that they are lagging behind in the application of AI. But while the possibilities are endless, the applications are still limited. Today, the AI market mainly consists of pioneers. Often, they focus exclusively on offering AI functionalities in a field with limited legislation and few best practices. For other software developers who do not primarily focus on AI functionalities, there are many conceivable applications to make use of, but they too were overwhelmed last year with the exceptional growth of and demand for AI applications.

Most suppliers only started developments in this area last year, and unfortunately, these developments take time. This year, we've seen the first cautious examples of Content Management Systems with AI functionalities, which often didn't go much further than some form of integrated content creation. These functionalities don't go much further than saving a copy-paste action from ChatGPT. Various legislative bodies such as the European Commission are still investigating legislation around the use of AI. So, there is still much to come in the coming year.

We see endless possibilities for the application of AI that can revolutionize productivity, efficiency, and automation. These developments and accompanying regulations are still pending today, but the fact is that every organization can look forward to more and more resources to apply AI in the coming years. So, in 2024, delve into the possibilities and how you would like to apply AI, keep an eye on the developments of the technologies, and let the solutions and regulations come to you naturally.

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