By Maaike Geys, 27 October 2020

Less effort, More revenue: implement a DXP

A digital experience platform (DXP) is the next-generation content management system (CMS) that tracks the customer journey of activities, behaviors, interactions and locations throughout the entire user journey. It enables brands to deliver targeted content and highly personalized and compelling experiences based on customer profiles across a broad range of digital touchpoints.

The result: brands gain revenue while lowering marketing efforts

Digital Transformation

Digitally integrated businesses are future-proof: connecting data across your systems will ensure a smooth customer journey. How? By connecting back-end platforms, for example:

  • DAM: digital asset management 

  • CRM: customer relationship management

  • ERP: enterprise resource planning

  • MDM: master data management

  • PCM: product content management 

  • PDM: product data management

  • PIM: product information management

Not sure on how to integrate systems? Talk to an expert.

Content flexibility

When implementing a digital experience platform, you'll be able to deliver the same content across all channels. This guarantees a better experience for your audience, because they can access the content via their preferred channel. Finally, it will give your marketing team more time to create more quality content. Sounds good, right?

Personalisation: even better

Personalisation has been a hot topic for a good amount of time. While CMS systems generally offer good personalisation possibilities, they are not comparable to a DXP. Upgrading to a digital experience platform really is a whole new ballgame.

You can connect your DXP to social media and even contact centers, resulting in a hyper-personalised experience for your audience. For example: Mark finds your service via an ad on Facebook, and decided to click on it. He lands on your website and enters his contact information on your landing page because he is interested in learning more. And voila - your local sales rep can access this information before calling Mark. He already knows how Mark found your service, and why he might be interested.

Implementing artificial intelligence

You might not be working with artificial intelligence just yet - but what about tomorrow? Digital experience platforms provide just that: a starting point for implementing artificial intelligence. Not only is A.I. the future, it also increases productivity and revenue.

What's next for your organisation? Get in touch to discuss possibilities.

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