The most important part of marketing is content. Marketing departments are most of their time in the creation of content. This means that putting in content and configuring the content blocks should be as smooth as possible.

With Umbraco, content editors can create any type of content, going from simple blog posts to campaign websites up to complex website structures all with an intuitive content editing experience, fast and with minimal training involved.

Umbraco is a fully featured content management system, designed for professionals with a focus on flexibility and extensibility and has an extensive set of CMS functionalities: multi- responsive website device previewing, scheduled publishing, content versioning, multilingual content, …

The built-in Umbraco Image Cropper is a fantastic function with the ability to set a focal point, to ensure that your images gets presented correctly on whatever device your visitors are using.

Content management platform

As a .NET based open-source CMS platform, developers love the platform as well. Umbraco has over 225,000 active developers in the worldwide Umbraco community. Your full marketing technology architecture can be set up with a modular approach: Umbraco Content Management System in the middle as the central content tool, integrating with other tools for marketing automation, e-commerce and other platforms aligned with your digital marketing strategy. This way we can grow your company by achieving the goals and objectives of your digital strategy. Umbraco can be hosted as a PaaS or IaaS on cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure as well as on-premises or as a SaaS headless CMS called Umbraco Heartcore.

This makes Umbraco a good fit to set up the solid architecture for your marketing technology stack.

Blastic is an Umbraco Partner

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