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Excited about the possibilities that Contentful offers? Great – you came to the right address. We are a Contentful Solution Partner and are happy to help. 

Contentful is the content platform for the digital-first era, helping enterprises accelerate digital experiences, and manage them at scale. 

It is the content platform that fits in any environment, ensuring content is being centralized onto a single hub. From there on out it can be published to multiple channels while being integrated with hundred of different tools in their industry leading app framework.


Working with a content platform that accelerates your development time is a game changer. What took weeks now takes minutes. It’s why Blastic has a high level of trust in the stability of Contentful and how it will have a positive impact on your (next) marketing platform.

Empower your people

The product team of Contentful has a clear focus on the everyday users of Contentful: the content editors, content creators, designers & marketers. Contentful makes content easy to maintain, providing down to earth content editing without loosing your content in endless content trees.

Open up dependent content directly from where they are used. No need to take a step back to the overview, but keep your focus on the current content cluster.

Unlimited growth

Contentful fits perfectly within your microservice architecture. Together with you, we’ll combine a best of breed solution with Contentful as the content hub. Get ready to deliver your content to anywhere, anytime! 

Supporting your marketing needs

Access every bit of copy, anytime

When copy is elegantly separated from code, you can create text on the fly without matching your planning to the development teams’. Take a head start, and prepare your content before the first line of code is written.

Together, we will configure the content models directly on the Contentful platform. There is no need to enter all content twice - after everything is validated you are ready to start entering final content, while our integration can start directly with real content. That’s right, no lorem ipsum text!

Test and integrate painlessly

Contentful is easy to integrate with your favorite marketing technology tools, with the ability to segment, personalize and experiment. All the integrations you desire can be integrated right into the overview within Contentful.

Content localization at scale

Customers want content that is relevant to them, and you want brand consistency. With Contentful, you can deliver those experiences in a consistent way to every locale and every device. Contentful provides direct control of your locales. This means that you can start translations without waiting on endless configuration.

Convinced, or looking for more information? Contact our experts for tailor-made advice. 

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