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Sitecore 10.1: What’s new?

by Koen Roos , Mar 1

Last week, Sitecore 10.1 has been released, and it includes a number of exciting new features for  marketers or content editors. Let’s dive in! 

The redesigned Launch Pad 

The redesigned Launch Pad was first introduced at the Sitecore 2020 Symposium, and now it’s here! Similar to the new Horizon editing interface, the Launchpad’s looks have been refreshed as well.  

It looks slick, don’t you think? 

Sitecore AI Auto Personalization is available 

Another new product in Sitecore’s portfolio that we have been talking about for a while now, is Sitecore AI Auto Personalization. This is a service that can be plugged into your Sitecore XP 10.0 or Sitecore XP 10.1 environment.  

Sitecore AI Auto Personalization enables organizations to focus on content creation instead of analyzing all behavior and creating personalized experiences manually. The machine learning engine will detect segments and create personalization rules for you in order to reach the goals and outcomes you have configured on your platform. We can’t wait to start testing this new feature!  

Automatically assign profile cards based on rules 

Another automation of manual tasks has been implemented: assigning profile cards to do predictive profiling. 

Up until now, profile cards needed to be assigned to items manually. From experience, we know that this step is often ignored, because it takes a lot of time.  

As from Sitecore 10.1, this can be done automatically with rules-based content profiling.  For example, you can automatically assign profile cards to items in a specific section of the website, items with a specific template, or when an item has been tagged with a specific tag. 

Even more out of the box email templates for EXM 

It seems like the Sitecore EXM product team is on fire, because we again get 4 more out of the box EXM Email templates: Three Column Long, Three Column Short, Two Column and Two Column One CTA. 

Jamstack with Sitecore? Yes! 

After the announcement of Sitecore Experience Edge, we now get another puzzle piece to build real Jamstack websites with the Sitecore JSS Next.js SDK.  

This framework supports (incremental) static site generation (SSG), server-side rendering (SSR) and hybrid scenario’s and has – amongst others – the following features: 

  • Sitecore Experience Editor integration via Next.js Preview Mode. 

  • Component-level data fetching for Sitecore-driven components. 

  • Sitecore analytics and personalization support (SSR-only). 

  • Dynamic author-defined URLs via Next.js pages and the Sitecore Layout Service. 

More information and documentation can be found here.   

Ready to update to Sitecore 10.1 or not convinced just yet? Talk to one of our Sitecore experts to learn more about the benefits.  


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