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Sitecore audit and health check

Are you using your Sitecore platform to its fullest potential?

As a marketer, you want to engage with your customers. Sitecore has powerful tools to do so - they will make your life so much easier. But, building and running a Sitecore platform is complex, and should follow some best practices.

By doing a quick scan and audit, we assess the state of your platform. We build, maintain and accelerate platforms for our clients, and we also coach marketing teams and technical teams in how Sitecore should and can be operated.

In order to evaluate this, we offer audits to analyze all aspects in Sitecore. In a Sitecore audit we investigate:

  • Sitecore Topology & Infrastructure

  • Security audit

  • Solution Review

  • Multi language setup

  • Experience Editor support

  • Health Check

  • Sitecore Functionalities (Personalization, EXM, Marketing automation, …)

  • Sitecore Log File Analysis

  • Performance – caching strategy, component performance, …

  • Release process

Based on the assessment and the information we collect, we will provide you with:

  • A report describing the current state of the setup

  • Suggest actions in terms of optimizations or upgrades

  • Recommendations to use the full potential of the platform

  • Any other topic you want us to investigate, based on an intake meeting

Why use Blastic for your Sitecore audit?

Blastic is a Sitecore Platinum Partner. We can identify quick wins and increase platform efficienty due to our extensive Sitecore knowledge. We have 14 Sitecore certified consultants and 3 Sitecore MVPs.


You can get a full audit starting from 4 950 EUR (Excl. VAT). As every platform has its specifics, a detailed quote will be provided after an intake meeting.


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