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Sitecore is a digital experience software company. With their software they empower brands to deliver unforgettable customer interactions. Sitecore offers multiple solutions, from an all-in-one solution called Sitecore Experience Platform to composable SaaS or cloud-enabled products to select which products fit your composable Digital Experience Platform:

  • Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP): All-in-one solution for CMS (Content Management System), Personalization, Multi-variate testing, E-mail marketing and Marketing automation, Analytics and segmentation. Can be hosted on your on (cloud) environment or with Sitecore’s managed cloud offering.

  • Sitecore Experience Manager (Sitecore XM): CMS (Content Management System). Can be hosted on your on (cloud) environment or with Sitecore’s managed cloud offering.

  • Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) Cloud: A cloud-native (SaaS), agile and composable CMS. Including Sitecore Pages, Multi-site management, Sitecore Component Builder as well as embedded testing & personalization, and integrated visitor analytics (based on Sitecore Personalize).

  • Sitecore CDP: Customer Data Platform: SaaS.

  • Sitecore Personalize: Personalization & Multi-variate testing: SaaS.

  • Sitecore Content Hub: Digital Asset Management & Content life cycle management: SaaS.

  • Sitecore Discover (search and recommendation engine): SaaS.

  • Sitecore OrderCloud (Headless Commerce engine): SaaS.

What are the advantages for my IT team?

Sitecore offers software to help marketing teams with their goals and objectives. As the IT team, this software does not need to be implemented from scratch and your IT Team can build using the tools as provided by the software. Moreover, using Sitecore’s managed cloud offering or SaaS products you don’t need to invest time and resources in the management of the software. Or, if your organization requires certain IT Governance restrictions, you can host and manage the XP and XM software yourselves in your on premises or (private) cloud environments.

What are the advantages for my marketing team? 

Sitecore offers a range of products to use as required tools that you need to implement your marketing strategy & roadmap. The use of Sitecore tooling can grow along with your strategy and roadmap. You can use one of the modules or the full range of modules, depending on your needs.

Why choose Blastic for a Sitecore implementation? 

We are devoted to providing the best possible Sitecore expertise for optimized online communication, customer engagement and customer intelligence.

At Blastic, 2 consultants have been awarded with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award by Sitecore. We have a track record of building successful solutions using Sitecore technology.

Which different modules or plans can I choose from? 

Sitecore has multiple solutions. There is the all-in-one solution (Sitecore Experience Platform) that includes content management, marketing automation and personalization functionality. And there is the composable SaaS products:

  • Sitecore Experience Manager & Sitecore Experience Manger Cloud (content management)

  • Sitecore CDP (customer data platform)

  • Sitecore Personalize (personalization & multi-variate testing)

  • Sitecore Send (marketing automation & email marketing)

  • Sitecore Content Hub (Digital Asset Management)

  • Sitecore Discover (search and recommendation engine)

  • Sitecore OrderCloud (commerce engine).

Why choose Sitecore and not Kentico, for example? 

Sitecore offers enterprise level software that is highly customizable upon your needs. Moreover, Sitecore can be setup in a composable way to only use the modules that you need. This is not possible with monoliths, like Kentico Xperience for example.

What does my investment look like for years to come? Is it a one-time investment? 

We often say that using Sitecore for your marketing roadmap is not a project but a program. The foundation and future proof setup can be done in a one-time project and more features can be build along the way, as your marketing or your company grows. As with all software there’s a hosting and maintenance cost, as well as a license cost.

Can I create my own landing pages in Sitecore? 

Yes! With Sitecore’s CMS you can build your own landing pages.

Do I need to place cookies when using Sitecore? 

Not necessarily. It depends on the functionality you want to implement. If you, for example, want to implement cross-session personalization and analytics there is indeed a cookie that needs to be placed.

How does the personalization work? 

Nowadays, Sitecore offers multiple solutions to do personalization:

  • In the Sitecore Experience Platform, personalization rules are available to setup personalized experiences based on data in the Sitecore Experience Database. In this Experience Database, often referred to as XDB, data about visitors on the platform are available. With personalization rules, data in the XDB can be evaluated to choose which experience to show the visitor (for example, different content in certain components on a web page). Also, if your visitor is identified, you can enrich the data in the Experience Database with explicit data to personalize on even more.

  • With Sitecore Personalize, you can setup omni-channel personalization. Based on decisioning (in a drag & drop interface) personalized experiences can be configured on multiple channels. Channels that are not even built on Sitecore as the Sitecore Personalize JavaScript APIs & SDKs to include them on any technology you want. If you want to personalize based on explicit data, Sitecore Personalize can be used in combination with Sitecore CDP (Customer Data Platform).

How much does a Sitecore implementation cost? 

The cost of licenses and hosting highly depends on the solution you envision. Please reach out to discuss what the options are and we can include a Sitecore account executive into the discussion.

Can I send emails from Sitecore? 

Yes! Sitecore offers multiple solutions for emailing:

  • Sitecore Email Experience Manager is included in the all-in-one Sitecore Experience Platform and can be combined with marketing automation within the same platform

  • Sitecore Send is a SaaS platform for emailing and marketing automation

Can I link other technologies to my Sitecore platform? 

Yes, for sure. All modules have the DNA of Sitecore – being extensible and customizable upon your needs.

Is Sitecore difficult to work with? 

As with every tool there is a learning curve to use Sitecore. Once the concepts are clear the tools are easy to use and you will like all the possibilities.

I am currently using WordPress. Will I be able to find my way around Sitecore? 

For sure, it’s a good starting point to have experience with other Content Management Systems and their concepts.

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